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No more “one size fits all.”

At CarmelBarre working out is not considered a “chore” — a thing you check off your list and move along. All the classes at CarmelBarre are part of a bigger picture – community, growth and learning. Classes are designed for a deeper understanding of your mind, body, fitness and health. Working out has to be enjoyable. It has to be challenging enough to keep you growing stronger. It has to be varied enough so you do not get bored. Exercises that use your own body resistance and carefully trained instructors will keep you working to your maximum, safely and effectively. No more “one size fits all.” This is your body. This is your time. This is your moment. Make sure that you are working out to your personal best, but most of all, you are enjoying every second of it.

Balance. Strength. Core. Buns. Thighs. Arms. Efficient. Effective. Addictive. CarmelBarre.

Does Barre REALLY work?

Yes, yes, yes! Since opening our doors three years ago we have heard about amazing results from our clients – from less aches and pains, more flexibility, changes in muscle appearance and more!



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