2 Locations: Carmel


Class Descriptions


Tone, sculpt and strengthen your entire body with focused isometric movements and light weights.


Get your heart pumping in this 45-minute barre class. Work all areas of the body – buns, thighs and, of course, core.


Time to stretch out the body, in this flowing Vinyasa style yoga class. Perfect for all levels and those times you just need a little “inner peace.”


Each week focus on a different area – abs, buns, thighs, arms (in addition to all-over body conditioning). Enjoy your beloved barre with a little more focus. Please bring a mat and water.


HIIT the Barre is a 45 minute high-intensity class combining classic barre moves, cardio and high-intensity training exercises to elevate the heart rate, increase muscle tone and definition and burn stubborn belly fat.


Get your children moving and learning about their bodies through this introductory kids yoga class. Movement, body awareness, stress reduction and personal development will be enhanced during this 45 minute class. Ages 7 and up.


Be prepared to sweat in this full-body workout! BarreAmped is a fusion of our favorite focused barre moves, interspersed with full-range movements and cardio blasts. This class will challenge your brain, endurance and strength encouraging you to dig deep to find your strength and power.


Connect the body and mind with the fundamental movements, which will support and enhance your barre practice. Join us in the Monterey studio during your lunch hour for a quick 45-minute class to stretch and strengthen your body with focus on the muscles of the core. Come see why this exercise is a favorite of dancers, swimmers and professional athletes.


Join us as we collaborate with Monterey Bay Meditation Studio for a 45-minute class that begins with gentle mindful movement, combining stretching with flowing qigong movements as we link body, mind, and spirit to fully experience the present moment, followed by stillness (sitting or lying down) for guided meditation, being aware of the body, breath, thoughts, and emotions.


A meeting of the best of all worlds – body weight training using pilates and yoga principles, to keep your heart pumping, increase flexibility, balance and strength. All levels welcome.


Get moving, laugh, let off some steam and have FUN! Dance and sweat to your favorite tunes! Please bring clean, supportive shoes, a sweat towel, water and be prepared to dance your barre buns off!


Start the day off with a nourishing flow at CarmelBarre! Wake up the body with gentle stretches, open the mind, ready your body for the day ahead. All levels welcome.


Tai Chi, referred to commonly as moving meditation, is a great way to center your body, work on balance, reduce stress and boost cognitive skills.