2 Locations: Carmel


Class Descriptions


In 55 minutes we will change your body! Infusing elements of barre, pilates and yoga, we strengthen and lengthen every inch of your body; specifically targeting the thighs, hamstring, glutes, core and upper body. The class consists of isometric holds, heavy repetition and finishes with deep targeted stretching. Dynamic movements flow you from exercise to exercise keeping your heart rate lifted and body warm while small hand weights, yoga blocks, bands and other props are used throughout class to take your practice deeper. Embrace the shake, feel the burn and leave stronger than ever. Bring a mat, water and some grip socks (or they are available for purchase at the studios).

Recommended for all levels.


Be prepared to sweat in this full-body workout! BarreAmped is a fusion of our favorite focused barre moves, interspersed with full-range movements and cardio blasts. This class will challenge your brain, endurance and strength encouraging you to dig deep to find your strength and power. Bring a sweat towel, water and grip socks. And be prepared to SWEAT.

Recommended a minimum of 10 regular barre classes prior to taking this.

Barre Express



Get your barre burn on with this 45-minute barre class format. We’ll move through a full body workout in a short period of time to get you in and out! Bring a mat, water and grip socks. The 45 minutes will move fast.

 Modifiable to all levels.






Reap the benefits of Barre class at a slower-pace. Focus on form, modifications and flexibility! This is great for any level – maybe you just need a slower day? Or you are pregnant and need to take it down a notch? Or perhaps you are getting back into things or nursing an injury – this class is for you!

Recommended to all levels.



You ready to step it up a notch? Using plyo boxes take your fitness to a whole new level. You may bring indoor shoes for this class for support and stability. Jumps and full range motions will fatigue the muscles and keep your body guessing! Always modifiable as needed. Class size limited to 8 people – sign up ahead!

Recommended for anyone who has attended more than 20 Barre classes.


Focus Barre 

Each week focus on a different area – abs, buns, thights, arms (in addiition to all-over body conditioning). Enjoy you beloved Barre with a little more focus. Please bring a mat and water.

Recommended for all levels.


Circuit Sculpt

Sculpt your body from head to toe with this 45-minute Circuit Sculpt class. Cycle through different exercises in 30 second rounds, while working at your own pace. Bring a sweat towel and water and be prepared to continue to challenge your body! 

Modifiable for all levels.

HIIT the Barre

45-minute high-intensity class combining classic barre moves, cardio, high-intensity training exercises, plyometrics and circuits to elevate the heart rate, increase muscle tone and definition and burn stubborn belly fat. Bring a mat, sweat towel, grippy socks (and/or CLEAN indoor shoes to pad your feet) and water.

Modifiable for all levels.


A meeting of the best of all worlds – body weight training using pilates and yoga principles, to keep your heart pumping, increase flexibility, balance and strength. Bring a mat, sweat towel and water.

Recommended for all levels.

Pilates Sculpt

Connect the body and mind with the fundamental movements, which will support and enhance your Barre practice. Join us for this 45-minute class to stretch and strengthen your body with focus on the muscles of the core. Come see why this exercise is a favorite of dancers, swimmers and professional athletes.

Recommended for all levels

Heated Pilates TRX Circuit

Deepen your Pilates workout on and off the TRX Trainer to mix it up with this high-energy, heart-pounding workout. Room warmed to 75 degrees. bring a mat, water ad a sweat towel!

Modifiable to all levels.


Work with the TRX Trainer to mix it up with this high energy, heart pounding, workout. Bring a mat, water and sweat towel!

Modifiable to all levels.

Slow Flow

Enjoy a slower-paced yoga fow class with holds at the end to increase flexibility, decrease stress and restore the body for the workouts ahead. Please bring a mat and water with you to class.

Recommended for all levels.

Quigong / Tai Chi Flow

Tai Chi, referred to commonly as moving meditation is a great way to center your body, work on balance, reduce stress and boost cognitive skills. Wear comfy clothes and come with an open mind. Enjoy this mindful hour, helping you reduce stress, improve balance and quiet your mind.

Recommended to all levels and ages.


Get moving, laugh, let off some steam and have FUN! Please bring clean, supportive shoes, a sweat towel, water and be prepared to dance your barre buns off!

Recommended for all levels.

Cardio Dance

Can’t dance? No chance. this 60-minute cardio dnace class will have you smiling and sweating as you learn how to let go and bust a move. Just have fun! Bring clean/indoor, supportive shoes, water and a sweat towel.

Recommended for all levels.

Burlesque Fitness

Dancing has been shown to have great benefits on the body and the mind. There’s no need to be a professional dancer to experience these benefits for yourself. Burlesque Fitness makes dance based exercise accessible for all levels from novice to expert. Unleash your inner babe while getting tones and having fun! Any fitness attire is appropriate. Please bring socks or jazz shoes, a towel and water.

Recommended for all levels.

Heated Fitness Flow

Energize your morning with a challenging, athletic vinyasa flow set to up-beat music. Synchronize your breath with movement while building strength and increasing flexibility. This heated yoga class will feel like a workout but leave your mind fresh and focused….ready to start your dat.

Recommended for all levels.