TAIRA HUSTEDT – Carmel Studio

Taira has been a dedicated CarmelBarre client since 2016 – with over 300 classes at CarmelBarre we are truly amazed at her strength, dedication and attitude to be her BEST! So proud of you Taira!

In her own words….

“I started taking barre about a year after my second babe was born. I hadn’t done any sort of exercise, or anything for myself for that matter, in over three years. After one class, I was obsessed. It only took two weeks of going to start noticing a difference in the definition in my muscles and an increase in strength. Besides that, barre is my therapy. I would be 1000 times crazier if I didn’t go to class at least 5 times a week!”

“I love that it keeps me feeling strong, energized and healthy mentally and physically so that i can keep up with my two wild kids!  I also appreciate the little community Carmel Barre creates, I just love all my barre ladies and how much we lift each other up! My fave barre moves are anything that works the abs. But I have a love/hate relationship with lunges, curtsy lunges or basically anything to lift your ass, as that is my most cumbersome area!! (I’ve got child rearing hips)! When I’m not taking advantage of one of the many kinds of classes Carmel Barre offers I’m momming it up with my kiddos.”