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Lindsey Collette – Why CarmelBarre?

This month the staff at CarmelBarre has chosen an inspiring student to celebrate for the entire month of February. Lindsey is not afraid to explore all the classes we offer, such as, Barre, PiYo, HIIT, and Zumba! Instructor Brian Kiely says; “She comes to most my Monterey HIIT classes, is a full-time student, works, and gives back to the community. She has a heart of gold, and she’s well deserving of a student of the month award!” Continue reading to find out why Lindsey chooses CarmelBarre.
  • When did you start going to CarmelBarre and why?

I started going to CarmelBarre around February of 2018, because my good friend invited me to the Zumba class. And then another good friend invited me to the barre class and the HIIT class. 

  • How does CarmelBarre benefit you and your life?
CarmelBarre benefits me and my life in the way that it provides a place for me to exercise and release stress and tension that I feel from school and life, in a healthy way.
  • How is CarmelBarre incorporated into your life?
CarmelBarre is incorporated into my life nearly every week. I can’t always make it to classes, but I try to go whenever I can because it is a place that actually makes me want to exercise.
  • What keeps you coming back?
What keeps me coming back is the energy and friendliness and encouraging attitudes of the staff and the desire I have to be more healthy and more fit.
  • What is your favorite part about CarmelBarre?

My favorite part about CarmelBarre is the fact that I can go to exercise with a group of other people and get a challenging and effective workout that I really enjoy doing.