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Learn more about Michell by reading her answers to the following questions:

About me:

    • I am an active duty Naval Officer who works in Information Warfare (think military Intelligence). I study Cyber Systems and Operations at NPS and have been in the Navy for 10 years. I have lived all over the country and have traveled the world on deployment at sea.

When did you start going to CarmelBarre and why?

    • Being active duty in the Navy I move every 2-3 years and my last move, late summer 2018, brought me to Monterey. I had tried barre a couple of times at other studios and in gym settings, so when I found out about CarmelBarre I wanted to see what they had to offer. After my first class I knew CarmelBarre was different. There was a vibe and energy in the studio that made me want to keep coming back. I was hooked and immediately signed up for a membership!

How does CarmelBarre benefit you and your life?

    • Being a full-time student, life gets stressful at times and my classes are mostly full of men. CarmelBarre is my therapy, my relaxation, my hobby, and my happy-place all at once. Seeing all the amazing women around Monterey come to class is inspiring. Taking classes at CarmelBarre is my daily reminder that I can be strong and also be feminine.

 What keeps you coming back to class?

    • The burn! I love how I feel after every class, even when I can’t walk. I come back for the shaking and the sweat. Before CarmelBarre, my workouts were all cardio. CarmelBarre has toned and shaped parts of my body that I neglected and I am so much happier with my strength and shape.

What class/teacher/style do you enjoy taking the most?

    • I couldn’t ever pick a favorite! Each instructor brings their own character & specialties. When I wake-up in the morning I look at the schedule and see what instructors are teaching. I pick my classes based on my mood and goals for the day. The best thing about CarmelBarre is the variety of teaching styles. Sometimes I want to focus on posture and form. Sometimes I want to focus on sweat and burn. Sometimes I want to focus on energy and duration. CarmelBarre instructors offer you a melting pot of great workouts that fit how I feel for the day and that’s what makes them amazing!