2 Locations: Carmel


Christi Kearns

Christi is a fitness enthusiast and an avid runner. She began teaching group fitness in her 20’s with Step Aerobics and Kickboxing (think bad spandex and Jane Fonda!)

Christi is also the Assistant Director over Cardiac Rehab, the Cardiac Cath Lab and Non-Invasive Cardiology departments at Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System.

She has a MS degree and an MBA along with multiple certifications in fitness instruction including ACSM’s Group Fitness Instructor, PiYo, CIZE and most recently Barre. After a long hiatus from teaching fitness to focus on her career and suffering a major back injury, Christi is back doing what she loves- helping people be healthy and happy! In her free time she enjoys cross-training, running marathons and half marathons, drinking wine and eating delicious food with her husband who just happens to be an amazing Chef! She loves a good challenge and putting together routines that inspire you to push your limits. Christi is extremely excited to join the CarmelBarre team as an instructor, and help encourage you to join together, motivate each other, and achieve your fitness goals!