2 Locations: Carmel


Diane O’Hagan

Diane is a dedicated runner, curious traveler, retired gymnast and for 15+ years a volunteer guide at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. She has finished numerous races including the Boston and Big Sur marathons and is always training for her next marathon.

Diane teaches a variety of classes at CarmelBarre including Stretch*d Out, Yoga Vibe, Yoga 50/50 and more! Her energy, passion and discipline inspires clients to make yoga, stretching and exercise part of their daily lives. She combines her knowledge of body alignment and awareness from gymnastics and her disciplined focus from marathon training to teaching yoga and stretching.

“Practicing yoga asanas involves connecting your breath to your movement, creating space in your body and learning to ‘quiet your monkey mind,’ maintaining a strong and supple body is a crucial to living an energized life. I want to help you develop a meaningful yoga, stretching and exercise practice in order to bring spaciousness, mindfulness and strength into every day and into every challenge you face.”

Donations accepted via Venmo: @diane-OHagan