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Jennifer Kuyper

“Pilates is the complete coordination of body, mind and spirit” – Joseph Pilates

Jennifer Kuyper discovered Pilates when her physician recommended she try it out after her second pregnancy. She had gained 65 pounds, delivered an 11 pound child naturally, suffered a midfoot sprain and was fighting postpartum depression (all in the same year!)

“Pilates completely rehabilitated my pelvic floor, improved my posture and was my first step into getting back into mental and physical shape after childbirth.”

For nine years, Jennifer trained under Chico-based MA/PT and PMA Certified Master Instructor Kathy Hobbs and completed over 100 hours of teacher training.

Jennifer’s class has a focus on the deep muscles of the core, precision of movement and breath, and strengthening and lengthening of all the muscles of the body (especially those which support the spine.) “This method is so very special to me and I feel honored to share it with CarmelBarre!”

Jennifer grew up in Pacific Grove and spent 20 years after High School living in Northern California and Alaska before returning to the Monterey Peninsula. She loves working at CarmelBarre because of the wonderful community of strong women who have a passion for taking care of their body, mind and spirit. Jennifer’s day job is as a VP Senior Relationship Manager for a community bank. She serves on the Board of Directors for the Monterey Peninsula Chamber and teaches spin class. Jennifer has run several marathons and coached “Girls on The Run,” a program teaching young women about empowerment, self-care and inner and outer strength through running. “My most important work in life is raising two children, 11 year old Kaitlyn and 12 year old Dylan.”