2 Locations: Carmel


Melissa Granneman

Melissa grew up in a small town in Northern California where she spent her childhood playing outdoors. Her love for fitness began as a little girl when she started gymnastics at the age of five. From competitive gymnastics to varsity high school soccer and competitive traveling soccer (AJAX), she has always lived an active lifestyle and has a strong background in competitive sports. She was a gymnastics instructor for 10 years.

When Melissa discovered barre classes, she was instantly impressed by the way her body was transformed. Over the next year she continued on her barre journey and was eventually asked to become an instructor. Melissa went on to become the Head Instructor and Studio Manager at Barre Body in San Diego where she inspired and exhilarated people of all ages and fitness levels. Continuing on her journey, Melissa recently moved to Monterey and is sure to give you a challenging workout! Her endless mission to continue to find fun and interesting ways to move the body and keep people guessing is why her classes are always exciting.