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Kindra Dunnion – Why CarmelBarre?

This month the staff at CarmelBarre has chosen an inspiring student to celebrate for the entire month of March. Kindra is one of our barre babes that takes on a barre class at least twice a week. Instructor Stacey Scherling says; “She has two little girls and kicks BUTT in class. She works SO HARD and loves the studios.” Continue reading to find out why Kindra chooses CarmelBarre.
  • When did you start going to CarmelBarre and why?

I started coming to class at CarmelBarre in 2015 after I had my first child. I was anxious to get back into my fitness routine, but I wanted to start with something that was modifiable and lower impact. I knew that barre would check those boxes, but also allow me plenty of challenge as I regained my strength!

  • How does CarmelBarre benefit you and your life?
It’s my “me time”! I get to sneak away a couple of times a week to do something just for myself and my body and health. It is so important for me physically and mentally!
  • How is CarmelBarre incorporated into your life?
I usually take class twice a week in the mornings. I love starting the day with a motivating, energizing workout with strong and supportive people! It sets my day on a positive and healthy path.
  • What keeps you coming back?
The burn!! I love the challenge of class and getting through each segment, even if it feels like I want to stop. I am always very satisfied when I leave class sweaty and tired, and I love the feeling of muscle soreness the next day.
  • What is your favorite part about CarmelBarre?

Everything! The instructors are motivating and fun, the workout is challenging and ever-changing, and I love the community of people coming together to improve themselves and support each other! I feel very lucky to have such a high quality fitness studio with such dedicated instructors right here in Carmel.