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Melissa Chernetsky – Why CarmelBarre?

This month the staff at CarmelBarre has chosen an inspiring woman to celebrate for the entire month of May. Melissa is one of our daring CarmelBarre babes that still takes on our barre classes, even with a baby on the way! Continue reading to find out why Melissa chooses CarmelBarre.
  • When did you start going to CarmelBarre and why?

Around 1 year ago! I was ready to step up my commitment to regular class exercise, and knew that belonging to Carmel Barre would keep me motivated.

  • How does CarmelBarre benefit you and your life?

CB gives me a special hour dedicated to my own well-being. One hour shouldn’t be that that hard to get in a day but it is!! With a 2 year old and second baby on the way, these classes legitimately keep me feeling balanced. Barre has been amazing and totally modifiable for all 27 weeks of this pregnancy. 

  • How is CarmelBarre incorporated into your life?
I have met some really great friends at CB that are now a big part of my life. I also have amazing girlfriends who have since joined and we love coordinating barre schedules. My family knows how crucial for me this time is and everyone tries to coordinate so that I can hopefully get in 4 classes a week.
  • What keeps you coming back?
Stacey’s jokes! 
All of instructors are all amazing. They kick my butt in such a variety of ways that I am always scared and totally pumped to get to class. 
  • What is your favorite part about CarmelBarre?

Definitely the environment. Classes are always full of extremely supportive students and instructors. If I’m feeling great about myself, or totally out of shape..I don’t ever dread going back. Oh and amazing playlists!!! I neeed good music. They always bring it.