2 Locations: Carmel


Massage by Jessica Glenn

Jessica Glenn believes in the healing and preventative care of massage therapy. Nothing is more satisfying than helping clients relax their muscles, increase blood flow, and reduce scar tissue so that they can get back to the freedom of movingaround with less chronic pain and more energy.

While massage definitely feels good, it is also good for more than just your much-deserved break. It improves all the systems in your body such as digestive, immune,nervous, lymphatic, muscular, and skeletal. Great for coordination and posture;regulating metabolism and hormones; breaking down food, transporting nutrients and storing calcium; as well as increased range of motion and mental clarity.

Inspired by her interest in anatomy, dance and fluid movement of the human body since her teen years, Jessica became a Certified Massage Therapist in 2013. She specializes in Swedish and prenatal massage, as well as deep tissue and myofascial tissue. Newly setting up Massage @ the Barre here at CarmelBarre, she also works independently and at the 5-Star Resort, The Spa at Pebble Beach.