2 Locations: Carmel



TEREZA LEE – Carmel Studio

Tereza has been kicking major booty at the barre for over a year and has almost 250 classes under her belt! We have watched Tereza get stronger and stronger – we are truly amazed!

  1. Why do you attend CarmelBarre? “To get a great workout! I still remember my first class. I couldn’t stop shaking and my muscles were on fire… I’m hooked ever since! I love all the different classes CarmelBarre offers.”
  2. What changes have you noticed over the past month? “I’m stronger than ever. I can even do push ups now! (Still my least favorite though…) “
  3. What do you do outside of the studio? “I love to spend time with my two little ones, friends, laugh and of course enjoy some wine.”

GREAT JOB Tereza! We are all so proud of you! xoxo