Molly Johnson – Monterey Studio

Attending CarmelBarre for three years and with over 400 classes under her belt, Molly Johnson has embraced CarmelBarre wholeheartedly. Starting with Barre a few days/week she has inspired us as she continues to try new things, “mix it up” and take on the next challenge! We’ve watched her grow stronger and more flexible in classes and we really enjoy having Molly as part of our family. Our instructors could not think of anyone better to nominate in May…read on to hear what Molly has to say about CarmelBarre!
Brian Kiely says: “Great attitude, works hard, brings great conversation and builds the community aspect before, during, and after class!
Melissa Granneman says: “She’s great and always so positive, enthusiastic and most importantly she smiles when she’s working out!!!
  • Why do you attend CarmelBarre? I attend CarmelBarre  to get stronger mentally and physically. I value being a part of the Carmel Barre community that staffs a variety of amazing instructors, offers great classes and different times classes are available throughout the day as well as the  wonderful women, of all ages, that I have met. Many thanks to Kathryn McPartland who told me about CarmelBarre.
  • What changes have you noticed since you started taking classes?
    A healthy mind and body are important to us and I think we all realize that no one is exempt from disease that can take both away. Combining Yoga, HIIT, TRX and now Tai Chi with Barre has made me more aware of my mind and body health so that in each class I am working to strengthen muscle along with balance, breathing, positive thinking and gratitude. Being mindful of all these each day and with the help of the empowering instructors, CarmelBarre has become a lifestyle.
  • What’s your favorite thing to do (hobby, past-time, etc.) when you are NOT at CarmelBarre? When I am not taking a Barre class or with my family, I really enjoy taking  walks along the ocean and playing tourist in Pacific Grove, Carmel and Monterey. At night I love some couch time with my dog watching Netflix and figuring out which Barre class to take the next day.

GREAT job Molly! We love seeing your smiling face in classes and LOVE that you have embraced CarmelBarre as a whole!