2 Locations: Carmel



Bella Lipori

Bella became a student at CarmelBarre a year and a half ago and fell in LOVE! Shortly after she began training as a teacher at CarmelBarre…with attention to detail and a kind demeanor, Bella makes everyone feel loved and delivers the Barre Burn with a giggle and a smile. Read on to find out more about Bella…


Favorite Barre move to teach?

My favorite move to teach would be the thigh of first position wide knee with band over thighs and next the Zinger seat!

What’s something your students would be surprised to know about you?

They would be surprised to know that I’m learning French.

Go-To Workout….other than barre?

Go to workout, aside from barre is YOGA!

Favorite Netflix series to binge watch?

Favorite Netflix series would be Frankie & Grace

What song/artist would NEED to be on your playlist for a road trip?

Necessary artists are Bob Marley, the Beatles and Lana Del Rey…I can’t choose one!

The best part of teaching at CarmelBarre?

The best part about teaching at Carmel barre is that I am surrounded by a positive, motivated, group of instructors and clients who show constant support, love and a true sense of community. I love my CB family ?

Cake or Ice Cream…or Wine on your Birthday?

For my birthday…chocolate cake is always delicious, but a great glass of Chardonnay is
always appreciated.